Fall 2015 Crossing: Golden Alpha Gammas

Delta Psi Sigma is proud to present our newly crossed Sisters! Huge congratulations to our Pledge Educator, Michelle ‘Atlantis’ Cheung, and Assistant Pledge Educators, Winnie ‘CataLyZt’ Mok and Victoria ‘Nirvana’ Simatupang, on their Fall 2015 kids, the Golden Alpha Gammas!

#53 Angela ‘Ardisia’ Lam
Big Sis: Annie ‘AZaLea’ Weng
#54 Arielle ‘JubiLeeZ’ Campbell
Big Sis: Carol ‘Colossus’ Cheung
#55 Ying ‘Crossfire’ Li
Big Sis: Jessica ‘CaLeZcere’ Tam
#56 Shulammite ‘Exquisite’ Ng
Big Sis: Lisa ‘Equinox’ Quinley
#57 Maggie ‘AvengeLyneZ’ Pan
Big Sis: Carol ‘Colossus’ Cheung

We are so proud of how far you have come! Welcome to Perpetual Sisterhood through Unity and Strength!

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