Installs 2016 Recap

We held our 14th Annual Installations Ball on August 20th, 2016 at Bay Ridge Manor in Brooklyn, NY. We installed three wonderful classes: Fall 2015 Golden Alpha Gammas (Alpha Chapter, NYC), Spring 2016 Mesmeric Alpha Mus (Beta Chapter, Boston) and Spring 2016 Elusive Alpha Epsilons (Alpha Chapter, NYC). We hope you do big things for our sorority!


Golden Alpha Gammas with PE and aPEs


Mesmeric Alpha Mus with PE and aPEs


Elusive Alpha Epsilons with PE and aPE

We would like to thank everyone who presented to our neos on their special night. A big shout out to: Rutgers University Delta Chi Psi, Hunter College Alpha Phi Omega, University of Massachusetts Pi Delta Psi, Northeastern University Lambda Phi Epsilon, New York University Pi Delta Psi and New York University Nu Alpha Phi. We hope to strengthen our bonds even more as time goes on!


Rutgers University Delta Chi Psi


Northeastern University Lambda Phi Epsilon


New York University Nu Alpha Phi


Hunter College Alpha Phi Omega


New York University Pi Delta Psi


University of Massachusetts Pi Delta Psi

At our Installations Ball, we celebrate another year of our growing sisterhood. We celebrate our sisters and we present awards to the sisters who have really shined throughout this year. Thank you for all of the work you have put into this year to make it something really special.


Atlantis, Alumna of the Year (NYC)


Reverie + Nirvana, Most Improved Sisters of the Year (NYC)


Twilight, Most Improved Sister of the Year (Boston)


AvengeLyneZ, Neo of the Year


Mischief + Colossus, The Sisterhood Award (NYC)


Dolce Vita + CataLyZt, Sister of the Year (Boston + NYC)

This Installations Ball was particularly special because we put together a stroll/step and performed it for everyone at the end!
14107846_10207178504442773_2741177663555473366_o 14124934_10207178507522850_2591860491096705013_o14102797_10207178508922885_5669738534468682085_o14115669_10207178509642903_8948000245754040429_o14125686_10207178512162966_2379197147320720712_o14188135_10207178515483049_4643286072545396873_o

Yet another successful Installations Ball is under our belts. Thank you to all those that came out and made the night really special. We will see you all next year, in Boston!

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Delta Psi Sigma - NYC

Delta Psi Sigma emerged as a vision of sisterhood in the summer of 2000. Delta Psi Sigma’s founding sisters have established a sisterhood to unite sisters from different cultural backgrounds. The founding sisters, Ms. Kate Chen, Ms. Danna Chang, Ms. Melissa D’Souza, Ms. Annie Park and Ms. Michelle Tang share a common vision of true unity, mutual trust & everlasting friendship through a network of sisters who originate from different schools & different countries. The founding class originates from four different schools: Buffalo University, Hofstra University, Manhattan College, and New York University. Delta Psi Sigma is the sole social, and service sorority to have such a diversified founding class. Delta Psi Sigma will be the first sorority to have a founding class from different schools and welcomes any girl who is ambitious and determined to join us in our special vision of sisterhood.

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