Fall 2016 Crossing: Zen Alpha Zetas

Delta Psi Sigma is proud to present its newly crossed Sisters! Congratulations to this semester’s Pledge Educator, Victoria ‘Nirvana’ Simatupang, and Assistant Pledge Educators, Laura ‘Reverie’ Jeung and Sophie ‘Enchantress’ Zhao, on their Fall 2016 kids, the Zen Alpha Zetas!

#60 Paula ‘Miyana’ Coughlan
Big Sis: Christine ‘Evania’ Medina
#61 Ava ‘AriA’ Chiu
Big Sis: Amy ‘DreaM’ Hsiao
#62 Eunice ‘Mosaía’ Hew
Big Sis: Stephanie ‘Paradox’ Chong
#63 Tiffany ‘TeLeZto’ Lee
Big Sis: Fanny ‘EcLipZe’ Ning
#64 Ashley ‘Paramount’ Leung
Big Sis: Stephanie ‘Paradox’ Chong
#65 Liz ‘Casimira’ Tsai
Big Sis: Christine ‘Evania’ Medina
#66 Amy ‘EnceLaduZ’ Zhang
Big Sis: Fanny ‘EcLipZe’ Ning

We expect big things out of our biggest class thus far. Welcome to Perpetual Sisterhood through Unity and Strength!

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Delta Psi Sigma - NYC

Delta Psi Sigma emerged as a vision of sisterhood in the summer of 2000. Delta Psi Sigma’s founding sisters have established a sisterhood to unite sisters from different cultural backgrounds. The founding sisters, Ms. Kate Chen, Ms. Danna Chang, Ms. Melissa D’Souza, Ms. Annie Park and Ms. Michelle Tang share a common vision of true unity, mutual trust & everlasting friendship through a network of sisters who originate from different schools & different countries. The founding class originates from four different schools: Buffalo University, Hofstra University, Manhattan College, and New York University. Delta Psi Sigma is the sole social, and service sorority to have such a diversified founding class. Delta Psi Sigma will be the first sorority to have a founding class from different schools and welcomes any girl who is ambitious and determined to join us in our special vision of sisterhood.

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