Rush lasts approximately two weeks and occurs at the beginning of each school semester (Spring, Summer and, Fall). During this time, college women who are interested in joining a sorority will be able to meet our sisters and learn more about Delta Psi Sigma Sorority. All rush events are FREE and NON-BINDING.

Some events may include:

* General Interest Meetings (GIM), to answer questions regarding the Sorority

* Volunteering events, to work with Sisters to give back to the community together

* Social mixers & networking events with local fraternities

* Fun & interactive activities such as bowling, eating ice cream, movie/game nights, etc.

To qualify for a bid (an invitation to pledge for Delta Psi Sigma), attending 2 events and 1 GIM is required.

Interested rushees (women who participate in the rush process) can then decide if they are interested in becoming a part of our sisterhood, Delta Psi Sigma.

By undergoing an interview session at the end of the rush process, Sisters can get to know Rushees better. If a rushee receives a bid & decides to accept, she then officially becomes a pledge of Delta Psi Sigma Sorority.

Unfortunately, Spring 2019 Recruitment is over! To keep in touch with us and to get more information for our Fall 2019 Recruitment, follow our Facebook page, linked here.

Feel free to contact our rush chairs this semester for more information: Ivy “Pandora” Chu and Melissa “Achelois” Ha.